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Graphic Design Career Information

By , October 20, 2014 12:07 am


Are you ready to start your career in the Graphic Design industry? Do you possess the creativity, attention to detail, and technical training required to be successful, but just don’t know where to start?

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Are you ready to start your career in the Graphic Design industry? Do you possess the creativity, attention to detail, and technical training required to be successful, but just don’t know where to start? If so, then read on. Obtaining a rewarding and exciting position in the field of Graphic Design can be easier then you think. All it takes is getting the right work experience. And you can do that by focusing your talents in three basic areas: formal education, quality portfolio, and on-the-job training.

Formal Education: Graphic designers usually have a bachelor’s degree in art or design. Formal training helps you develop your talent and skills and provide training in computer software, which is highly utilized in the visual art arena. And while a degree is not always required for all entry-level positions, a formal education helps to balance your creative and artistic side, and gives you a much better chance.

Quality Portfolio: Before you can obtain a job in the field of Graphic Design, you will need a portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of your best work and helps demonstrate your skills to clients or potential employers. A portfolio may include hand drawings, computer images, photos, and print samples. You can collect samples from your art and design courses, save letters of recommendations from teachers and employers, etc. Let your portfolio speak for itself. A picture is worth a thousand words, so do a lot of talking with your work. If your portfolio is weak, the chances of you landing that dream job are slim.

On-The-Job Training: As a beginning designer, you will most likely receive on-the-job training. If you have the option, participating in an internship or practicum program while in college is an excellent way to prepare yourself for future work experience and job possibilities. An internship helps build your skills, demonstrate your talents, and make future job contacts. This is essential to getting started in the graphic design industry.

Getting Graphic Design Experience
Like most individuals, once you’ve completed your technical education and training, landing the perfect job isn’t always as easy as you might expect. In order to get the most out of your college or technical school training, you should seriously consider enrolling in a Graphic Design practicum. In a typical practicum, you will gain experience in the graphic design field by working for a company that is directly involved in the industry. You will gain work experience and additional training in your specific area of interest.

Additionally, you will receive college credits towards your graduation requirements.

Why A Practicum?
Usually, by the time you enroll in a Graphic Design practicum, you know fairly specifically which area of graphic design you wish to work in. However, there are many times that students are still undecided. A Graphic Design practicum will allow you to work in a particular area and “test the waters” before you go out and apply for an actual paid position. As such, this type of experience is practically unmatched as an educational tool since you can dabble in a number of areas within the field and find exactly what fits your talents and desires firsthand. You might even land a job this way from the company that provided the practicum. Many students have landed a job this way.

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Website Redesign for Existing Websites

By , October 16, 2014 12:34 am


Does your website need a re-design? Here are some questions to ask yourself when you are looking for investing in your website redesign.

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1) Is your website fresh – Having a website fresh helps your visitors to stay on your website rather than skipping your website? When I mean fresh, fresh with content, Every website owner should have their website updated with latest content, Search engine spiders index new content and in turn your website will rank high on search engines.

2) Create a professional image for your website. Out dated graphics and look of the website can turn away your visitors to your competitor’s website which is Eye-catching and easy to use and functional website. A clean looking website gives a professional image to your business and it creates leads and sales.

3) Forbidden code which can lead to be banned by search engines also outdated codes of your website is pretty hard for search engines spiders to read your website. As technology changes it is a must for website owners to get updated with the latest technology on your website other you business will be left out in the competition.

4) Design flaws which is difficult in getting listed in search engines and directories.

5) Updating your keyword which is a key to your success of your website, Identify new keywords and increase your keyword density for effective placement for your website optimization

6) Replace your outdated and flashy images with fast and furious loading images which is quick to upload and you can keep your visitors in your website. Even though internet has come out of age still there is a large amount of user who still uses dialup connection for using internet.

7) Check your website is compatible with your all browsers. If you browse the web you see numerous websites that are non compatible to different browsers.

8)There are out sites on the internet where you would be searching for links and it is pretty hard and frustrates the visitors so having a easy to locate links on your website will help visitors to find information which they are looking for this in turn will increase sales and leads.

9) The other reasons are your website just needs an update.

Yes website re-design is a must for all website, if your website is out of date and the website is not working as it you need to be Website redesign is the answer.

Every website needs revamping and improvement in design and look of the website.

Many factors go into making an effective web site.

You need to look at the usability of the site to make a site effective. Navigation, colors, fonts and download time are just some of the main aspects.

The key is to understand the basics and then looking at adding specific features that apply to your web sites niche. A poorly designed and unattractive website will not do your company justice. A simple change of image can dramatically increase sales.

Redesigning a website is not a costly procedure, but can be a very effective way of enhancing your company’s image and boosting business sales.

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