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Reinventing Your Homepage

By , August 13, 2014 4:37 pm

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Everyone struggles to make their sites appealing. Nonetheless, only a few has discovered the formula behind pretty and serviceable site.

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Everyone struggles to make their sites appealing. Nonetheless, only a few has discovered the formula behind pretty and serviceable site.

Some sites need little alterations but some need total overhauling. The latter, being the most taxing than the former, has to start off on the right foot. What does it take to have tempting and pleasurable sites?

First, a site must have focus or concentration leading to a goal. Be sure not to leave the site wanting in details. Say everything that needs to be said. The contents must be material to the site’s objectives. Place in graphics that are valuable to the site. Bear in mind that the color, design and layout must agree to what you are saying. However, do not give beyond what is expected. Overdoing it invites confusion by reason of smorgasbord of links and all sorts.

Focus means organization of ideas and graphics. The more organized the homepage is, the better.

Another attribute of a good homepage is empathy. Marketing involves not just logic but a greater doze of matters of the heart. Persuasion is the key to a successful marketing strategy thus, this is also vital in websites most especially to homepages since they are primarily used to market products and services.

When visitors come to a certain site, their expectation is to be served and get solutions or answers. Therefore, your site must cater to the individual needs of these visitors. That way they can be satisfied and comfortable with your site. This will further build trust and loyalty between visitors and your site. This trust can yield you visitors and probable purchasers.

To empathize, you have to know first the possible reasons why visitors come to your site. Next, the class of visitors and level of knowledge they have in connection to your product and services. Be sure to answer all the doubts in their minds as well as needs, feelings and habits because that will affect the decisions they will be making.

The third thing to consider ?is the ‘call to action? This is the most important yet the most neglected attribute of a site. Without this, your site will be wasted.

Visitors want to know the action plan and they should get what they are supposed to do. The action plan can be getting information, buying the product, signing up for a service and the likes. Give a strong, persuasive and clear action plan to get the results you desire.

Reinvent and invigorate you homepage by making it stunning and functional!


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A Newbie’s Guide to Setting Up Your Website

By , August 12, 2014 11:06 am

If you want to start your own website but aren’t sure how to go about it, this article will teach you the 5 necessary steps to get your website up and running.
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If you want to start your own website but aren’t sure how to go about it, this article will teach you the 5 necessary steps to get your website up and running. Having your own website is THE key element to your online success and the ability and knowledge to customize it will help you become successful in your online endeavors.

As a newbie on the web you probably don’t have a lot of money to get your first site up and running. The good news is that web services today are lower than ever and you can get a site set up and running for about $50. The monthly cost for web hosting is around $6; add in a yearly domain fee of about $10 and you’re ready to roll. Is that cheap enough for you??

Let’s get started…

Step #1: Brainstorm ideas and put them in writing.

Outline your websites structure. Don’t worry about what your site will look like yet, just get the basic structure down and the overall layout. What do you want in your website? At the minimum, you’ll need a main or home page, a product description page, an “About Me” page and most of all an order page.

Once your outline is complete, you’ll need to figure out a way to get that information into your computer. There are lots of resources to help with this step.

“HTML” (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the programming language used for your website. You can hire a web programmer to program your site, but that can be very expensive. You can go buy a book like “HTML for Dummies”, which will teach you how to code your website, but that is a difficult and time consuming task and we want to do things the EASY way. The EASY way is to use a program like MS Frontpage, which is included for FREE nowadays on many new computer systems. Frontpage is a text based system that allows you to type your webpage in plain English and then have it converted to HTML for viewing on the web. With a few hours of practice you can have your website coded and ready to upload.

Step #2: Use a professional website template.

If you utilize a pre-designed template you can have a professional looking website in a matter of minutes. Templates provide the online graphics and overall look and style of your website. A professional pre-designed template can be purchased for under $40 and can save you many hours or even days of design time. If that price is too high there are also many professionally designed FREE web templates available, although they are very basic in style and may not be suitable for your website. Even if you have a small budget, purchasing a professional template is an efficient way to begin.

Step #3: Purchase and register a domain name.

Your ideas are ready and you have adapted them to your professional template, so now it’s time to purchase a domain name for your website. Registering a domain name allows web surfers to view your website by entering (

You’ll want a catchy domain name that is easy to remember and tells a little bit about your business (ex. You’ll need to choose a name registrar such as to register your name and if you are having trouble finding a name they even have a domain name suggestion tool that will help. You can register your domain name for less than $10 a year and once it’s registered, that name is yours for as long as you pay the annual renewal fee.

Step #4. Choose a web host.

Your site is ready, your domain name is registered and you’re ready to go, Now What…

You need to hire a company to host your website. There are hundreds, if not thousands of web hosts available and your job is to sort through them and choose the right company. Since your web host is your 24 hour connection to the web, you’ll need to make sure they are very reliable. If your web host has technical difficulties, your website will be invisible to all your customers and you will not be successful. Monthly hosting fees can range from FREE to hundreds of dollars depending on the services you choose. Most beginner websites can be hosted for under $10/month by a quality web host. We recommend this best cheap web hosting provider

Step #5: Upload your website.

Now that you have chosen a web host you need to transfer your new webpage’s from your computer to the computer at your web host so they are visible on the internet. While this may seem like a confusing and technical process, it really is quite simple. One of the easiest transfer processes is to upload your site using “FTP” (File Transfer Protocols). One of the easiest “FTP” programs is CuteFTP, which allows you to drag and drop files from your computer and place them in your web directory at your web host. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with your “FTP” program because as a webmaster you will be utilizing it quite frequently.

That’s it. Your site is now up and live on the web. While the process may seem technical and difficult you’ll find that with practice this will become an easy and rewarding experience. Practice with your new tools and you’ll be an expert webmaster in no time.

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