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Unstoppable Pop Ups

By , August 25, 2014 1:28 pm

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The unstoppable pop up..more ways to create…your own…free

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Do you remember unstoppable pop up? Ever figure it out? Or perhaps you spent hard earned money to purchase the program. Perhaps you don’t have the program, but would like to know how it works. Read on. We will give it to you not for $97.95, not $67.95, not $24.95, not even $1.95 but Free!! First, however, there are a few things you need to know and understand.

Properly used the popup can dispense data, bring you extra visitors, collect e-mail addresses, and increase your revenue without being perceived as intrusive. On the other hand, abuse it and loose visitors as quickly as the pop up launches… visitors who will in all probability never return.

King Solomon said, “there is nothing new under the sun”. What do you think has changed since Solomon’s reign?

This neat effect has been important to websites and internet marketers since commerce and the public discovered the world wide web. There are at least two ways to accomplish the unstoppable popup. How do I know? Because some of our websites employ one or both concepts and to date both work equally well.

Pop up stopper programmers are working diligently as we speak to prevent the unstoppable pop up but have, so far, been unable to do so.

Before employing the pop up in any form webmasters must consider that there are reasons why pop up blockers are everywhere. The final nail in the coffin of the pop up was driven by adult web sites. People were tired of these sexually explicit ads popping up in mixed company, in front of their mother, on the church computer and as their children surfed the web.

According to Wikipedia, today anyway, “Opera was the first major browser to incorporate tools to block pop-up ads; the Mozilla browser later improved on this by blocking only pop-ups generated as the page loads. In the early 2000s, all major web browsers except Internet Explorer allowed the user to block unwanted pop-ups almost completely.” Notice their caveat, “almost completely”.

In 2004, Microsoft finally built one into their Windows XP SP2 operating system along with a fire wall and ad filtering as if it was not slow enough. Microsoft playing the role of a political hack tries to be all things to all people and while that is part of what propelled their operating system to prominence, it may prove to be their undoing in the final analysis.

Remote Helpdesk 1, back in the good old days, purchased Netscape and apparently like many others was incensed at continually having to download plug-ins for anything and everything you wanted to do. Along comes Microsoft with their operating system including a free web browser and the most commonly used plug-ins. Can you say, “jump ship!”?

Now everyone is jumping ship again. Back to the future springs eternal and Linux with its many editions is right on target. Download and install the basics and then get the plug-ins needed as they are needed. How many times have you heard your mother say, “what goes around, comes around”? And, it has been our experience that Linux (Remote Help Desk 1 and Computer Man Website Design use the Debian edition) blocks more pop ups and does much more to protect a computer than most other operating systems while maintaining open source integrity for the computer user.

Like almost everyone else, the Tennessee Mountain Man Computer Man hates to have research interrupted by the couple of seconds it takes for a pop up to launch and be dispatched especially if that intrusion (as often happens) has nothing to do with the subject matter at hand.

That being said it is simply a matter of proper programming. Don’t go reinventing the wheel until it no longer serves your purpose.

Option 1: Grab the pop up that occurs at Copy the code from the page source and change the information to meet your needs.

Option 2: Assuming you can prepare a standard pop up script, it should have about a 5 second delay, perhaps the easiest and maybe the best way in the end is to encrypt your source code. You can do this free of cost at or

There is a lot of hype that this or that retail (notice you have to buy it to test it and once software is opened it is yours) pup up blocker intercepts and stops all pop-ups. No… not yet anyway!

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Why Website Templates Are Worth It

By , August 21, 2014 2:51 pm

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Website Templates can be a life saver if you are just starting out in the world -wide -web. Templates can save you big money and time.

website templates, flash, design


Website Templates can be a life saver if you are just starting out in the world -wide -web. Templates can save you big money and time. It is common knowledge that “design houses?charge a minimum of 1k for a complete website filled with images and text. Again, this is the minimum they would charge and I would estimate that the average price of a website you will pay is approximately 2-3k. Why are you paying this much for a website? Most of it is because you can’t build one yourself so the cost skyrockets for convenience. Is there anything you can do to reduce this skyrocket effect? Yes you can! Website templates often get connected to cheap or bad design, but the point is somewhat valid since there are tons of low quality templates and what’s worse is that it’s being sold on many template websites.

Don’t Give Away Your Bank Account

How many times have you seen the same templates on different websites? Probably a lot so the solution is to find QUALITY templates from a company that keeps their products in-house. There is such a thing as affordable quality website templates, really there is. We define quality as a template with excellent interface design, navigation, color theory, and overall impact power.

The Power of Flash

A powerful website template should make a powerful positive statement. Flash really makes an amazing impact in this process because it can encompass sound and animations. Flash can give you the wow factor that static html can supply. Corporate websites such as Adidas and Mercedes uses a fair amount of flash to deliver the message across. These guys know the power of Flash, so we should probably take a look into the reasoning of this.

High Impact Design

So the question, where can you find affordable website templates? is the ticket if you’re looking for something that can create a high-impact impression and not break your bank account. Website templates also have the ability to be modified to your liking, so after you change out the graphics, color scheme or move around the navigation you essentially have your own creation.

Custom Design Vs Templates

There is absolutely room for both in this vast universe we call the web, and both options have its strengths and weakness. The bottom line is cost. Do you have a few grand to spend on a website? If you don’t, a quality template will probably be your best bet. For approximately $100, you can purchase a very nice template and spend the rest on marketing and promotion. With the vast amount of money you will be saving, you can hire somebody to modify your template the way you want it for perhaps $300. I don’t believe in cheap recycled templates, but I do recommend looking into high quality templates that can present you the way you should be presented. You truly have one shot to make a great impression, don’t ruin it with a cheap overproduced template.

The Choice Is Yours, Be Wise about It

The real reason for this article is a recent beef with several “design houses?over charging the average person looking for a nice website. I know people have to make money running a business, but there is something wrong about producing a bill that is thousands over what a website is worth. There will be talk about what a website is truly worth but I have been in the design business for several years and have worked in a corporate environment. I have personally seen where we would charge 10 times what a website is truly cost as far as manpower hours, and it made me sick to see that.

So Dreamlinestudio was invented to bridge that gap between quality and cost. I Think that we not only bridged that gap, we overlapped and paved a new road for better internet.

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Web Designing Essentials

By , August 17, 2014 3:23 pm

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Web designing is the next big step in pursuing e-commerce web development. Moreover, you have to make a good choice because the success of your marketing depends on it.

web site development services, e-commerce services, web site design services

To know web designing essence, let us first compare a poorly designed page from that of an outstanding one.

Poorly made page is passive, linear, confusing, pathetic and lacks concentration on details. Thus, it will not do you any good. It will just be a waste of time and effort.

On the other hand, an outstanding page is active, nonlinear, clean and consistent with its style and details. Moreover, this type of page can drag your e-commerce to full blast.

Now, let us discuss the significance of each essential quality.


This quality allows the reader to participate actively and willingly. Examples of interactive device are the following: tests, hypermedia, hypertext, games, chat rooms and the likes.

To be active with the site encourages revisit. This is because visitors are keen enough to know whether this site is enjoyable or not, educational or crap and inviting or flaccid.

Linear Organization

Functionality does not equate to boredom. Thus, do not make your web page more boring than a book and difficult to read like a technical thesis. You have to make it catchy, engrossing and illuminating. Classroom atmosphere lulls visitor to sleep, be sure to arrange your page in a way that it will not be to taxing on them to read your page.

Concentration on Details

There must be consistency as to details. On the educational aspect, cognitive loading, sequencing of information, feedback and erroneous text must be avoided since they represent bad design.

On the technical aspect, broken links, poor navigation and inactive pointers are annoying. Thus, if you want to incorporate the same into your design, be sure they are functioning well so as not to infuriate the visitors.

Graphic User Interface

Quality is your topmost priority. Hence, graphic user interface must not be overlooked. To give you a hint, do not use dull colors, avoid busy screens and the overuse of animations and graphics.

E-commerce web development is crucial to your web page. Be sure to apply them effectively and rightfully.

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Reinventing Your Homepage

By , August 13, 2014 4:37 pm

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Everyone struggles to make their sites appealing. Nonetheless, only a few has discovered the formula behind pretty and serviceable site.

Web Development Services, E-commerce web development services, Web site development services, E-commerce website development services

Everyone struggles to make their sites appealing. Nonetheless, only a few has discovered the formula behind pretty and serviceable site.

Some sites need little alterations but some need total overhauling. The latter, being the most taxing than the former, has to start off on the right foot. What does it take to have tempting and pleasurable sites?

First, a site must have focus or concentration leading to a goal. Be sure not to leave the site wanting in details. Say everything that needs to be said. The contents must be material to the site’s objectives. Place in graphics that are valuable to the site. Bear in mind that the color, design and layout must agree to what you are saying. However, do not give beyond what is expected. Overdoing it invites confusion by reason of smorgasbord of links and all sorts.

Focus means organization of ideas and graphics. The more organized the homepage is, the better.

Another attribute of a good homepage is empathy. Marketing involves not just logic but a greater doze of matters of the heart. Persuasion is the key to a successful marketing strategy thus, this is also vital in websites most especially to homepages since they are primarily used to market products and services.

When visitors come to a certain site, their expectation is to be served and get solutions or answers. Therefore, your site must cater to the individual needs of these visitors. That way they can be satisfied and comfortable with your site. This will further build trust and loyalty between visitors and your site. This trust can yield you visitors and probable purchasers.

To empathize, you have to know first the possible reasons why visitors come to your site. Next, the class of visitors and level of knowledge they have in connection to your product and services. Be sure to answer all the doubts in their minds as well as needs, feelings and habits because that will affect the decisions they will be making.

The third thing to consider ?is the ‘call to action? This is the most important yet the most neglected attribute of a site. Without this, your site will be wasted.

Visitors want to know the action plan and they should get what they are supposed to do. The action plan can be getting information, buying the product, signing up for a service and the likes. Give a strong, persuasive and clear action plan to get the results you desire.

Reinvent and invigorate you homepage by making it stunning and functional!

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Website Design Considerations I

By , August 9, 2014 5:42 pm

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web design is relatively easy with such programs as Alley Code, Evrsoft, Coffee Cup, Page Breeze or other free html editors

website, design, website design, sub domain, domain, html, wysiwyg, coffee cup, alley code, code, evrsoft, page breeze, nvu, sea monkey, store creato

There was a time long, long ago in technological advancement years when website design was out of the reach of all but the relative few who could write the hyper text markup language better known by its acronym ‘html’ from start to finish.

Website design, then as now, was in high demand for those with the tools and ability to help a client target an audience, develop a world wide web presence, and populate it with fast loading (at 28.8 Kbps) web pages.

Of course those early days saw sprites rendered in 256 colors as opposed to today’s true color programming (eats up lots and lots of resources) , and those historic basic colors ruled in a tile-based world and we thought they were something. Specificity of product, of course, especially if images were to be employed, became the real challenge as they could be inordinately cumbersome and slow to load. The result being one of three options, to wit: (1) wait and wait and wait – maybe while you mow the lawn, (2) become exasperated with the tedious task of internet speed – actually modem speed – to the point of “clicking off” the website, or (3) losing your treasured internet connection.

In 2008, companies such as AOL, Net Zero, and many other Internet Service Providers (ISP) offering cheap internet connections assures that there remains enough people using dial-up to connect to the internet that one doing website design must be ever cognizant of loading speeds. The standard for this measurement remains 28.8K for the Computer Man Website Design Team although no one in the United States can expect to efficiently, if at all, cruise the internet at that speed.

The difference being that almost anyone can design and build some measure of a website in the 21st century with little or no help. Many companies that offer internet hosting also offer basic website design and promotional tools. One can sign up for a sub domain, build a nice web site, add an avatar and promote it to a few search engines in an hour or less.

Missing in this scenario are the tags a website needs and any special requirements of the entrepreneurial enterprise. If the site is personal for family and friends such an under taking may be more than sufficient. All that is left to do, is an e-mail to your contacts to let them know where they can find your postings, photos, etc and you only need to change the web site when the spirit moves you. If, however, you hope to use the site to generate revenue either as a hobby or primary source of income you could be way off base.

Let’s be clear. There is no problem with a sub domain per se or as pertains to search engines. The search engines treat a sub domain as the separate website that it is. Perhaps we can cover this complicated subject in a separate article.

No. The problem is with the flexibility of the primary domain’s shared website design templates. These are templates set up specifically for sharing as little bandwidth (space) as possible with sub domains. When you compare the features and space allocated to you with that of the host, you will quickly see many of the limitations of the majority of these hosts and arrangements.

Best practices, even if using a free sub domain, is to create your website the way you want it with a third party program and upload it to your new sub domain. This can be done relatively easily with such programs as Alley Code, Evrsoft, Coffee Cup, Page Breeze or other free html editors. You can also use free WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get – maybe) website creators such as Nvu or Sea Monkey. For a Free online store creator one might try the free version of “easy store creator”… of course. What else would it be?

For more complicated and user friendly websites most will still need to retain a professional website design team. However you go about designing your website, make sure you understand and comply with the pre-requisites of the host or you will find that all of your work was in vain as your site will be rejected one way or another for one reason or another – too numerous to cover here.

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Web Design The 10 Biggest Mistakes

By , August 5, 2014 6:47 pm

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There are plenty of mistakes in the world of web design. Here are my pick for the 10 biggest.

web design

There are plenty of mistakes in the world of web design. Let’s look at what I believe to be the 10 biggest.

1. Too Many Ads.
When you’re trying to make money from your website, it’s all too easy to overwhelm your site with ads. Put yourself in your user’s place and take a good hard look at your site and ask yourself if the ads feel intrusive. Does the site look like an information source or does it feel more like a page-holder for the ads?

2. Plugin Overload.
You have to keep plugin useage to a maximum of 1 type per page. If you’ve got Flash, then you can’t have a media player, or if you’re using Java, then no Flash. It’s not as bad to use the same plugin twice, however.

3. Flash Intros.
Please, don’t use a Flash intro on your website. They have been so overused that they’re becoming universally mocked.

4. Unclear Layout and Navigation.
Many websites, especially business sites, suffer from some kind of disease where the very simplest task takes 10 steps. If users are asking you how to do things on your site, then you need to improve your layout and navigation. If there are certain tasks people want to do frequently, put them on the front page.

5. No Marking for External Links.
There are 2 kinds of links: internal (to other parts of your website) and external (to other websites). For the benefit of your users, it’s best if you mark external links, either by making them a different color or using some kind of a symbol (a box with an arrow is the usual one). It’s also good to make the external links open in new windows, so people aren’t leaving your site altogether when they click them.

6. Unclear Linking.
Some web pages are designed to show links only when people put their mouse over them. While this might make the design look nicer, it is not very user friendly. Instead, use a clearly contrasting color for links, and preferably underline them. This makes them more visible to the user, thus more user friendly.

7. Unlabelled Email Links.
Always clearly mark a link that will send email (a mailto link) with the word ‘email’. If you turn clicking a name into send email, you’ll annoy users who expected to find out more about the person.

8. Broken Links.
You should check your links regularly to make sure that they all still work. There’s nothing worse than finding a site that looks useful, only to find that it hasn’t been updated in years, so most of the links don’t work. While a website does mostly run itself after a while, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect essential maintenance.

9. Strange Fonts.
Stick to the most common web fonts: that’s pretty much just Arial, Georgia, Tahoma and Verdana. If you use more obscure fonts, then most users won’t have them — and those that do will find your text hard to read. The only place for non-standard fonts is in your logo or headings, and then only if they are displayed as an image.

10. Badly-sized Text.
It’s important to keep your text around the standard size. Making text too big or too small makes it hard to read and annoying for many users. The best thing you can do is use relative text sizing (not pixels) that allows the browser to respect the user’s preferred text size. You should also consider offering buttons on your site to decrease or increase the font size.

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Using XSAS to develop multiple XOOPS sites locally

By , August 1, 2014 8:05 pm

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This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for how to develop multiple XOOPS websites locally using XSAS (XOOPS Stand Alone Server). I use this information pretty much on a daily basis, and I hope you find it helpful, too. As always, I welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have.

xoops,xsas,localhost,phpmyadmin,mysql,cms,standalone server,web development,mywebresource

This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for how to develop multiple XOOPS websites locally using XSAS (XOOPS Stand Alone Server). I use this information pretty much on a daily basis, and I hope you find it helpful, too. As always, I welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have.

(It is assumed that the reader has a basic knowledge of folder structures, permission settings, how to perform basic operations in phpMyAdmin, and of course, how to install XOOPS.)

1. Create a folder on your hard drive called Localhost

2. Run the XSAS Setup program in that folder

3. Create your folders in the www root of XSAS to represent the different sites you will be developing (i.e.: Clients, Personal, etc.)

4. Extract a fresh distro of Xoops in a temp folder

5. Copy the html folder from your Xoops package into the various folders you created in step 3.

6. Rename the html folder to represent the particular site to be developed (i.e.: Client1, Site2, etc.)

7. Start the XSAS server on your local machine

8. Open PHPMyAdmin from the advanced tab of the XSAS GUI

9. Create a database that has the same name as the database used for your published website (the site on the Internet)

10. Open a browser and navigate to http://localhost and select the folder of the site you want to install (ex: http://localhost/clients/somecoweb/). This will begin the installation of Xoops as usual.

11. Setup Xoops as you normally would

12. Put the database name of the site you want to develop in the appropriate field, but put root as the database username with no password

13. Make sure you change the prefix for the tables to match the database you will import later (if applicable)

14. Complete your installation as usual

15. Export the database from your site that is on the Internet into a text file. (Be sure you export it with complete inserts and add ‘drop table’. This will insure a proper import later.)

16. Open the text file in a text editor and do a find and replace for the url

(i.e.: Find the Internet url that the site would use online and replace it with the local url.
ex: Find:
Replace with: http://localhost/the_directory_where_you_installed_xoops/) Save your file.

**The copy and paste method works best for the aformentioned step.**

17. Open PHPMyAdmin in XSAS and import the database you just edited.

18. Now test your site out.

**If you will be developing multiple sites, I’ve found it quite convenient to keep a bookmark of http://localhost and I add a bookmark for each additional site when I begin development (i.e.: http://localhost/clients/client1, http://localhost/clients/client2, etc.)**

Now, after you’ve made all the changes you want to your site locally, you only have a few steps to follow to publish your work online.

19. You essentially repeat steps 15-18, but instead, you export from localhost’s database, edit the sql file to change the url to the Internet url, and you import the database into the online SQL server.

**It’s also important to note that, if you have added any additional files to your website while developing it locally (i.e.: themes, modules, hacks, etc.), you’ll want to upload those files to your web server prior to updating your database.**

On another note. If you want to work on your website away from home, if you’ve setup your local server as I’ve outlined, you can just copy the entire Localhost folder onto a USB Pen Drive and take it with you. Then all you have to do is just execute XSAS directly from the pen drive on any Windows 98 and above system. Since XSAS always creates a virtual w: drive, this method works quite well for portable development and demonstration.

This article mainly focuses on XSAS and XOOPS, however, similar steps can be used for virtaully any standalone server software and content management system. These two were used because it is a combination I know to be relatively bug-free and easy to use.

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How affordable websites can make you money

By , July 28, 2014 8:45 pm

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Do you have a website that doesn’t bring you any business? There’s a myth circulating that you have to invest a fortune to make money through the web. Of course the likes of Amazon and eBay have thrown cash at their websites and are reaping the rewards, but I’m not talking about companies of that size. Budget websites can also generate income with the right approach.

Affordable Web Sites,Visitor Conversion,Most Desired Response,Small Business Website,Targeted Market

  • Do you have a website that doesn’t bring you any business?
  • Are you worried about investing more money in a website that isn’t performing?

Well here is some good news: affordable websites can make you money!

There’s a myth circulating that you have to invest a fortune to make money through the web. Of course the likes of Amazon and eBay have thrown cash at their websites and are reaping the rewards, but I’m not talking about companies of that size. Budget websites can also generate income with the right approach.

The great thing about doing business online is that you can keep your overheads low. No need for expensive shop fronts, offices, printed brochures or a large workforce. Ideal for the small business without endless capital resources.

It is perfectly possible to do business via the web and make a tidy profit using a modest website on a small budget, providing you follow some basic rules regarding content and structure, and concentrate on converting visitors into sales.

I read a fascinating article last week, by Michael L. McGrath of MLM Celtic Enterprises, which successfully articulated some similar ideas that I have been talking to my clients about recently:

“Every web site has a Most Desired Response, that which the the site owner wants the visitor to do while visiting, and that MDR needs to be identified. The site’s design and content need to be crafted tightly and well around the MDR, identify it with absolute clarity, and remove all obstacles that might prevent a visitor from the response.”

That – in a nutshell – is the key to a successful, profitable website, and it need not cost the earth!

It’s amazing how many start-ups fail to grasp this idea, and then complain that their website fails to bring them any business. Imagine that. If you follow a few basic rules, you can produce websites that actually bring you business.

Concentrate on the following:

  • identifying your Most Desired Response
  • identifying your target audience
  • structuring your site and preparing content, based on your MDR and your target audience.

Identify your site’s Most Desired Response

Rather than thinking about how you would like your site to perform, think about how you would like your customers to behave. There’s a subtle but crucial difference.

More often than not, your MDR will be a visitor buying your product or service. By the way, if you want to take online credit/debit card transactions, you can use PayPal, which is quick and easy to set up. All you need is a bank account to get started.

But your Most Desired Response doesn’t have to involve an online transaction. Very often an MDR will be making a phone call, making contact via email, or simply registering personal or business details.

Be sure of your target audience

Successful small businesses identify and corner niche markets, rather than attempt to take on the world! This is doubly important for online marketing, because you will want to avoid competitive keywords when preparing your content for the search engines.

Structure your site and prepare your content

Once you have established your MDR and identified your Target Market, you can begin to structure your site. The structure and content of your site should serve exclusively to trigger the Most Desired Response from your Target Market. Anything which does not fulfill this criterion is superfluous and should be discarded. Be ruthless about this. Avoid building in gimmicks to your

site, which only serve to distract your visitors from the MDR.

I recommend drawing a flow chart which maps your visitors’ journey beginning with the keywords they enter into Google, and tracking their movement through your site to the holy grail – the Most Desired Response.

When preparing your content, you will need to bear two things in mind. Firstly, it has to comply with the MDR. Avoid superfluous waffle, and make sure everything you say is leading your visitor towards that all important conversion. Secondly, you will need to make sure that your content attracts your target audience to the site in the first place – via the search engines. Start by identifying the right keywords – or more accurately keyphrases – and then ensure that they feature in your content.

In the online world, niche markets take on an even more important role, when you come to choose keywords. The big boys will have the generic keywords sewn up already, and those keywords won’t bring you targeted traffic anyway. If you can concentrate on a specialist or localised market so
much the better. You will stand a far better chance of driving targeted traffic to your site and generating hot leads. Of course you need to make sure that your keywords are not so specialised that none of your potential customers are using them. It’s a fine balancing act. Nichebot offers a useful tool for working out the most productive keywords.

So you see, none of this is going to cost you the earth. A great deal of thinking and research (I never said it was easy!), but not a great deal of money. Quite the reverse: if you follow the rules, you will soon be making money.

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Web Development Services in India

By , July 24, 2014 9:34 pm

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The Internet has proven to be the most profitable and powerful medium to promote businesses in last few years. Internet has become an indispensable channel for the growth of your business. Be it marketing and brand promotion or customer acquisition or new market penetration, you have to have a corporate website for your business. For more information about Indian web development companies, search engine marketing services Delhi, SEO companies Delhi visit:

Web designers India,Web designing company,Offshore outsourcing company India,Seo company India,Seo company delhi,Website development company India,India outsoursing company

The Internet has proven to be the most profitable and powerful medium to promote businesses in last few years. Internet has become an indispensable channel for the growth of your business. Be it marketing and brand promotion or customer acquisition or new market penetration, you have to have a corporate website for your business.
India has become the most sought after country for web development services. Website development companies in India are in a greater demand because of various advantages. These web design companies, India provide maximum online presence with a functional and profitable e-solution.

In India, many web marketing companies are located in Delhi. These companies provide a complete solution from documentation, presentation, rich content to security and Interactive User Interfaces. Web development companies Delhi have experts to work in flash based tools to initiate dynamic products, XML, SOAP, WSDL Java, J2EE and client-server technologies. They are continuously adding the latest to cope with ongoing online changes.

Beside developing and designing good websites, there is also an increased demand for Indian SEO companies. These SEO companies Delhi are managed by professionals who have the clientele from all over the world. Website marketing companies, Delhi are engaged in providing world-class services to every kind of businesses. These Indian SEO companies offer affordable & ethical SEO operations customized SEO services, SEO Consultant Services, Website Promotion, Search Engine Placement in Google and other major search engines & directories. IT revolution has proved that with the right knowledge and resources, you can make an effective, attractive webpage but if it has got no visibility, it loses all importance. Professional SEO experts in SEO companies, Delhi strive to make your website get maximum visibility and help you to take the World Wide Web by storm.
A SEO company, Delhi also facilitates Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Search engine marketing services Delhi is essential for increasing the ranking of the website as SEM is used to enhance the traffic result. A high quality search engine marketing process can increase the visibility of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs). Indian SEO companies have knowledgeable professionals who constantly search methods of enhancing rankings including Video search marketing. They ensure high rankings for whole website, per page, pay per click advertising and popularity.
Presently, Indian market controls almost 90% of Web Services outsourcing business. There are many noticeable benefits to this. Web development company, India provides technologically advanced internet solutions to clients internationally at minimum cost and optimal timeframe. These Indian Web design companies also look after back-end support requirements of the customers through outsourcing methodology. Providing maintenance and ongoing support to upgrade the needs of the businesses is a major benefit you can get from an Indian web marketing company. India has a vast resource of talented, skilled web development workers who deliver a top quality service. Another benefit is of language. Most Indians are proficient in English language. It makes Indian web development companies easy to interact with international clients and also saves time in explaining details of their requirement. One more point to note is that Indian government has been very supportive of this. It appreciates and encourages the IT potential of the country and has started several programs to promote it. Promotion of IT industry has contributed in betterment of Indian economy also.

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Self optimization guide | optimization

By , July 20, 2014 11:09 pm

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“It’s an incredible SEO Guide! I had not thought that I could do it. But Mr. M*****l’s Practical SEO Guide has helped me a lot.

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“It’s an incredible SEO Guide! I had not thought that I could do it. But Mr. M*****l’s Practical SEO Guide has helped me a lot. Now I’m receiving 70,000 visitors per month to my website on average and almost able to close 2000 deals every month. I personally recommend you to buy Mr. M*****l’s Practical SEO Guide and SEE you business booming?

If you search for “self optimization guide?or similar type of key phrases, I’m sure you would get thousands of websites, boasting, persuading, acknowledging and selling such guides. Although I’ve not inquired, how far these web promotion guides have helped webmasters. Whatever may be; everyone has a chance to sell his/her products or services in this World Wide Web.

As an SEO consultant, I’ve talked several people online. Some of them really stand out in SEO and very specific in inquiring about SEO services. Some visitors have known the “SEO?word only and ask me to optimize their sites for various highly competitive key phrases within two to three months. And another group of people are who do not have any idea in SEO. Once they found your site through search, they inquiry for some minutes, then for some hours, then for some days and then give every responsibility to the SEO company. I do not have any personal hatred or liking for any of such subjective grouping of SEO service seekers. I always love and welcome each and every visitor who lands on my website.

There are millions of SEO companies are active in the WWW, as they know very well that SEO is growing industry and has a lot to offer them. But there are very few SEO companies that promote your website ethically and professionally. But why wasting dollars in SEO of your website, if you can do it yourself! Marketing is all about selling commonsense. SEO as a part of online marketing is too the part of that Commonsense. The basic difference between SEO and Product Marketing is the product itself. SEO is all about marketing website so that maximum number of people would visit your website. Here I’m providing you some common SEO tips that you can try out at your desktop without hiring any SEO expert and can find healthy increase in website traffic:

#1: Understand Your Business
Very often I’ve seen many webmasters do not have any idea what the industry demands from its participants and what customers demand from the industry. If you fall in this category, then you need to review your stand and go back to basics so that you can understand the industry where you are managing your business. Exhaustive analysis of an industry can give you a better overview of the strength, growth, risk factors and finally the ROI associated with business. This helps you in targeting the niche of the industry.
#2: Market Research
Market has two ends: one is SELLER END and BUYER END. You success depends on the better co-ordination on these two ENDs. Most depends on the BUYER END as buyer completes the total Business Process. Buyer has its own typical way to see, understand and express a product/service. Most business analysts are researching to explore this typical buyer perception of a product. In offline marketing, it’s pretty difficult to read a buyer’s mind. But online marketing, a business man can track how a buyer expresses a particular product. In SEO, we call it as KEYWORD or KEYPHRASE. So Keyword Research is another significant strategy that helps you in understanding what and how your possible visitors would expect services or products from you.
#3: Targeting the Right Niche
After Keyword Research, it’s time to targeting the visitors. If you are new to the industry, then you need to be patient and target such keywords/phrases that have lesser competition. By “Keyword Competition? we understand the List of Web Documents That Presented by Search Engines as Results of a Particular Keyword/Phrase. It is too difficult to rank for a highly competitive keyword/phrase in search engine ranking pages (SERP). Now it is time to bring some modifications to the documents to make them search engine friendly as well as visitor-friendly. Thus you can make your web documents relevant to various keywords/phrases. As we know search engines present results according to the relevancy of the document to the searched keyword/phrase.
#4: On Page Optimization
On-Page elements are the elements that exist in your website. Elements like web documents, scripts, URL, menu, files (like images, videos, and audios), content, and META elements. You need to modify to make these elements search engine friendly. You can use the targeted keywords/phrases in URLs, META elements, Headers, Content, Link texts and image file names. Search engines can’t crawl images. It recognizes images by its filename and alt tag. So if you’ve used keywords in these parts, then the web document can be more search engine friendly. Once you are done up with these elements, you need to do some off-page campaigning.
#5: Off Page Optimization
Off-page optimization is all about getting online referrals. URL is the minimal way to establish a web document. It’s pretty difficult to understand a web document from its URL itself. That’s why people hyperlink texts to present a web document. There are various techniques of getting online referrals for website. Some of them follow:
?Directory Submission
?Article Distribution
?Blog Submission
?Forum Submission
?Book Marking
?RSS Distribution
?Image Distribution
?Profile Distribution
?Banner Distribution

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