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Disadvantages when hiring a WordPress designer

By , November 6, 2011 2:01 pm

As we all know, WordPress is unarguably one of the most modern ways of blogging. WordPress has been in existence for the past eight years and it is gradually becoming a necessity for business men who ply their trade on the internet. WordPress designers have got various themes that available online. Perhaps you are interesting in making use of them; it is of high importance that you see the clear differences among these themes before picking out the one you intend to use.
A typical example of such themes is the custom WordPress theme designer which is constructed from the ground for your website. Custom Word Press themes are designed to be encrypted for the website they will be attached to. All themes have their advantages and disadvantages, the custom Word Press themes are of no exception. The disadvantages are as follows.
Disadvantages of hiring a WordPress designer
(1) The Themes are expensive
No doubt, these themes are highly priced. The size of your website determines the amount you will paying. They are not free at all.
(2) Time consuming
Custom themes aren’t easy to construct. It will take an individual a period of 10 to 16 days to establish a custom theme.
(3) Shallow Knowledge of theme
In the case where you have got a shoal idea of custom word press theme, there will be a big challenge to make changes, that requiring you to go in search of a designer.

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