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By , August 21, 2017 11:57 am

Handling a Long Layover with Kids at the Airport

Even if you have taken a direct flight, there are times when a layover do happen, but travelling with your kids during a layover may pose a problem, especially if they begin to fuss up and create a commotion at the airport, so it’s good to work out some constructive activities which you and your kids can do together during the layover period.

The role of technological devices

Bringing along your technological devices during a flight travel can be very handy when there’s a sudden layover announcement, for the simple purpose of making the kids busy, with whatever are the available devices, such as they can play games using the portable DVD player or smartphone, tablets, hear music using the headphone and smartphone or read through an e-book using the tablet or watch a child-friendly movie with a DVD portable player or with a smartphone or go around the airport and take some fun photos with the whole family.

Conduct an airport tour

When an airport is equipped with a complete list of amenities, like restaurants, duty free shops, souvenir shops, massage and spa facilities, a museum, upper deck for plane-watching, and many more, don’t fail to make use of the time to take your kids for a walk around the airport, while waiting for the layover to be done with, and enjoy the tour with them by discovering all the airport facilities and services and, at the same time, taking some memorable photos with the family in any of these airport amenities.

Take pleasure with a picnic at the airport

Kids will always be hungry from time to time and with a long layover, they are bound to feel real hungry, so take creativity time to make a short picnic in the airport, pull out together your travel shawls and spread them over the airport floor and let the kids sit down and have a snack or meal, while you make use of the time to talk over your travel itinerary or simply enjoy the chat while passing time.

Have a scavenger hunt game

For as long as you are assured that the airport is safe and that your kids are already teenagers, you may initiate with a scavenger hunt game during the long layover, which is for the kids to find from a list of items that you will make, for them to look for these items at the gate or outside the tarmac or to any of the airport locations.

Go to a hotel

If the long layover is an overnight layover, then consider taking the kids to a hotel nearby so they get the benefit of a good night’s sleep or having a brief pool swim and take a respite from the travel stress before having a restful night and be energized for your next travel journey.

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