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By , February 16, 2017 5:51 pm

A Quick Guide to Link Building As a massive volume of content goes into the net continues to be in great demand on its very high rate, it is also becoming harder than before to attract audiences. As the brands and the publishers continues to try in churning out some new or fresh pages, they also need to have a heavy investment. 1,200 are released as new content assets thru the Washington Post each day and 500 of it were actually written by their own editorial team. 4.3 million of the post in the blog goes up every day based on the Internet Live Stats. Trying to keep a company in this hard competition is not an easy thing to do. According to the research finished by the Boost the News, 74 percent of the released article already hit the target traffic on the first 24 hours that they were being released and then the next 25 percent will be on the next 48 hours. Long live the King. The question lying in our head now is that what happened to the published pages of the ROI when it only lasted only for several days, what about the mantra we believe that “content is king?” Same thing with releasing new and fresh contents, we also need to remember that old ones can still be used to the greater extent.
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Extending the life of your old article actually means putting the discoverability on the greatest extent. You will be able to know the asset that you have to extend the content’s life. For the mean time, you will need to evaluate the article you have to decide what articles to promote or to repurposed and what articles are to be upgraded or to be updated. If and when you still have some contents that you think is no longer relevant to the audiences, then unpublishing it would not be a bad idea. If you believe that contents marketing means quality and then some contents are not helping you, keeping this content would be useless. Keeping an article that just keeps your website very slow and eventually turns off the audience is not the thing you would like to do. Obviously, the contents that talks about old products as well as the services that are no longer offered are just some of the clear things you need to get rid of. By doing so, you need to do first the 301 redirects, the reason behind this is to bring the reader to more useful articles for them. One best example is that when someone would like to know an opening about a certain job that is actually not offered anymore, then you can lead that someone to updated page of your site and eventually learn more than what they want to know.Incredible Lessons I’ve Learned About Tips

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