Strategic Marketing Consulting for Internet Marketing

By , April 30, 2015 8:40 pm

Strategic marketing consulting, as the term implies, is a plan of action that will increase your efficiency and save you time in your internet marketing, as well as in your offline marketing. There are several processes that form what is known as internet marketing. It is a vast and complex world that is evolving constantly and rapidly, and will continue to do so. But it is crucial to your overall marketing success. If you are in business, whether it be local or large-scale, and you are not on the internet, you are missing out on reaching most of your customers.

If you are just starting out in internet marketing, you might be tempted to try to figure out how it all works before you actually start doing it. But unfortunately, most experts agree that this plan will not get you very far. In order to figure it all out, you really need to be doing it. Will you make some mistakes? Without a doubt. But you will learn from these mistakes and turn them around into advantages. So, the key is to take action. But you don’t have to do it all alone. That is where strategic marketing consulting comes in.

This kind of help usually gives you a step by step plan to follow so you don’t feel lost or unsure of what you are doing. This way, you get a glimpse into the big picture as well as the details on all the various parts that make up internet marketing. You can get consulting on a variety of aspects of your business: target market research, keyword research, SEO for your web content, online and offline public relations, online and offline advertising, traffic generation, list-building, split-testing, and much, much more.

While taking action is one key, focusing on just one action is the next. It’s easy to get caught up in the newest business enhancing tool or program. If you can make sure that you stay focused on the task at hand, or establish the consulting to do it for you, you’ll always be at least one step ahead of the business manager or owner who is jumping around from one focus to the next; never able to complete a task.

Of course, one of your main concerns is to have a good flow of traffic coming to your website. Internet marketing consultants can set you up with a traffic generation blueprint, which shows you exactly how to generate more traffic and to keep it constant.

While there are many traffic generation techniques that work, you may have never learned how to do them the right way, and this is another reason to seek strategic marketing consulting. You will save a great deal of time, from days, to months, to years by cutting to the proven successful internet marketing methods and strategies. And, as you know, time is money, especially in the present-day internet economy.

Internet Marketing System-Advertising Important For Online Business

By , April 28, 2015 11:11 pm

When trying to start up an online business there are a lot of things you have to learn. You will need to of course set up your website and decide what exactly you wish to sell. But the primary thing you will have to do is come up with a good internet marketing system. Any business owner can tell you that the most important thing in selling a product is advertising. If nobody knows you exist, then how can they buy your product?

Since marketing is so vitally important, you need to take the time to learn what exactly you need to do. There are a lot of methods out there and you may be tempted to jump from one to another looking for one that works. But instead of doing that, you should try to put your attention towards only a few methods to get the most out of them. There are some tips to help you develop your marketing system.

1. Do market research. As I said above, when starting an online business you need to find a product to promote, this is where market research comes in. You need to find a product that can make you money. You want a product for your internet marketing system that is neither too popular, nor too unpopular. If the market is empty, then obviously you will get no customers. But likewise, if the market is over saturated, the competition will be too fierce. You want something in the middle.

2. Set a schedule. The wonder of working from home means you work whenever you want. This gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility. It can also make it difficult to actually sit down and work. So you have to set yourself a set schedule for when you will work, treat it like you would any other job since that is what it is.

3. Keep the right mindset. Going off the above, since you work from home it can be easy to fall into the trap of not really working it. You may start thinking of it as something akin to a hobby. You will want to keep a proper business mindset, treat it like the business it is. If all you do is poke it with a stick, you will not make any money.

4. Be efficient with your traffic. The more visitors you get to your website, the higher your chances are of making a sale. But that is not the only thing that matters. If you get a lot of visitors, but no sales, then what good does it do you? You want to do everything in your power to get your visitors to buy your product, regardless of how many visitors you actually get.

5. Be realistic. So many people go into the internet thinking this is some way to get rich over night. It is not. For your internet marketing system to work you need to always be aware that it will take time. It can take months and months for your business to get up and running, but once it does it is exceptionally easy to manage.

Keywords Marketing – Done Right – Drives Traffic

By , April 27, 2015 2:38 am

If you have a website and need to drive traffic to that website, keywords marketing is definitely the way to go. You have a professional looking website, well designed and user-friendly. You just aren’t getting the traffic. Marketing with keywords is the best way to get the traffic to your website so people will buy what you are selling.

To start getting traffic to your website, you need to optimize your website to the keywords searchers are using when they type in what they are looking for in the various search engines.

To get ranked high in the search engine results page, you need to use the right keywords. This is called keyword optimization. Keep in mind keywords change so you may need to update your website from time to time to stay current and keep the traffic flowing.

There are plenty of tools available out there to find good keywords you can use to optimize your site. When researching keywords be sure to look for keywords that have a decent search to competition ratio. You do not want keywords that have a high competition because that means that everyone is using them and they won’t give you much help in getting good traffic to your website.

Keywords marketing research can and will take some time on your part but when you stumble across one or two really good keywords the result will be money in your pocket. That is why you started your internet business in the first place, right? To make money.

Keyword research is a lot like panning for gold, you have to wade through all the muck to find that little golden nugget that will help you optimize your website. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? You get to go on a treasure hunt, no shovels required. Find the edge you need using keywords to drive traffic to your website.

You do not want to lose any business to your competition just because of poor keywords, do you? Make it easier for them to find your website when they are searching for what you are offering. They know what they are looking for, are you ready to help them find it?

In today’s economy more and more people are starting online businesses. Competition is getting way more intense. Optimization is what it is all about. Your sales numbers depend on it. Your livelihood depends on it. So look at what you have as your keywords and update them. You will be pleasantly surprised when traffic to your website increases and then so do your sales.

So, get rid of any and all keywords that are not performing well for you. Start using more long-tailed keywords. Long-tailed keywords allow for a more targeted search and if you are using one or more then you are the more dominant website in your niche and will make more money.

Find yourself a good keywords marketing tool and start on your treasure hunt for those little nuggets that will direct all the traffic you can handle to your website.

The Top 15 Essential Ingredients of Every WINDOWS HOSTING Plan (Package)

By , April 26, 2015 6:43 am

First things First. Why would you like to have Windows Based Hosting when there are Linux packages for cheaper rates ? The answer is ?it depends on what application you are looking to use for your hosting. Consider the tools and scripting languages you plan to use ?if you use PHP, Perl or MySQL, Linux is the way forward. If apps are Microsoft-specific, then Windows is what you need. Clear?
Now let’s proceed with the essential ingredients of any Windows Hosting Plan.
1. ASP Support ?The clear reason why you chose a windows plan is to use Microsoft Specific Languages. Active Server Pages, Microsoft’s technology to enables HTML pages to be dynamic and interactive by embedding scripts. Check all the windows hosting plans and make sure, the host doesn’t charge for this extra.
2. .NET Support ? is the next generation of Microsoft’s Active Server Page (ASP), a feature of their Internet Information Server (IIS). is different from ASP in two major ways: it supports code written in compiled languages like C++, Visual Basic, and Perl, and, it features server controls that can separate the code from the content, allowing WYSIWYG editing of pages. Most of the hosts give this feature free of charge while few charge extra. Go for it if you really need it.
3. CDONTS – CDONTS stands for ‘Collaboration Data Objects for Windows NT Server’ and it’s a Messaging Component comes along with Windows NT/2000. A windows hosting plan without this is Incomplete. This provides you the easiest solution for your messaging thro?your website ASP pages, provided you have SMTP support.
4. DATABASES ?Microsoft Access 2000 Database is supported by all the windows hosting plans. This will do if you are a starter. For experienced campaigners, MS-Sql is a must have. This is an advanced feature and most of the hosting companies charge extra. The control for the Databases must be provided in the Control Panel. Check that.
5. DATABASE Connection ?DSN or DSNless Connections, whatever the case may be, please check if the host has provided the option in the Control Panel to create/manage DSNs. (Data Source Name). If DSNs are NOT allowed, ask for the Connection String for DSNless connections.
6. ASP Components ?Apart from the default components, there are loads of third party software. Check the list of such components that the host provides. ASP Upload, ASPImage, Dundas Mailer, ASPjpeg, ASPEncrypt are few popular components. At times you may require to have your own components (DLLs) installed. This is provided by most of the hosts, but after the DLL undergoes a complete test in the server environment. This does not come free.
7. PHP & Coldfusion ?ColdFusion is a server-side scripting language web cause develop illicit ment tool. It uses HTML-like tags called CFML to enable back-end ODBC database connectivity as well as data manipulation and validation within webpages.. This is again an advanced option and NOT every hosting provider provide this. But PHP, Mysql is also bundled with windows hosting plans. Keep an eye on both of these.
8. Control Panel ?This is the nucleus of your website. In a Control Panel, popularly k at once now immediately n as CP, you can literally do anything. The moment you signup for a Hosting Pack, you must be provided with a CP to manage your webspace.
9. POP3 email Ids & Aliases – is an example POP3 ID. You must be provided with ample of POP3 email ids and it depends on the Package size.
10. FTP Account ?This is where you upload your files, delete them, update them. This again comes along with the CP.
11. Backup ?Most of the Hosts take Automated Backups. But users do not take much care on this while choosing the Hosting Pack. This feature is as essential as anyother in this list.
12. Web Statistics – Analysis of your website visitors plays a key role in the success of your website. Say, your website has been launched and you get NIL Visits or More than 100 Visits per day. Whatever the case may be, you can view the Report using Statistics Application that run in the server backend.
13. Bandwidth ?Choose the Hosting Plan that gives enough Bandwidth for your website. Even though you cannot judge at the beginning, as time progresses, you can easily deduct the Bandwidth required.
14. Webmail, SMTP & SPAM ?Email becomes key part in your life once you launch the website. Check if the Hosts provide with WEBMAIL ( to check your mails thru a web based interface using Squirrelmail or Horde. Corporate Users prefer downloading mails thru Email Clients such as Eudora or Outlook Express. Only if SMTP or IMAP support is enabled you can use this option. Hence check if SMTP support is provided.No email user is free from a spam attack. Hence you need to have Spam Filters installed on the server where your website resides.
15. IP ?If your website prefers SSL Support (https://) as time grows, makes ure you get a DEDICATED IP. Most of the websites are hosted on shared IPs. Ask your Hosting Provider about the extra charges involved in getting a dedicated IP and SSL Support. Note : For SSL (https://), you need to buy a Digital Certificate.
Do write to me with your comments and views. My email :
Teeyes Siva
Sales Head ?

Looking For A YouTube Alternative For Your Video Marketing

By , April 25, 2015 5:20 am

If you’re in search of a YouTube alternative to use for your video marketing, you won’t have to look very far. Although YouTube is by far the most famous, there are many other video social networking sites that you can take advantage of when doing your video marketing.

Here are just a few of them:

Brightcove allows you to create and launch your own internet TV station. It’s quick and easy to get your channel up and running. You can also incorporate videos uploaded by other users into your shows. Your channel is syndicated with other major players on the net and you can earn revenue through advertising as well as video sales. The interface is also extremely impressive.

FlickLife counts among the small handful of revenue sharing hosts that are out there. This is something you definitely want to look into because you can broadcast your own videos to the world at no cost at all and actually get some money in return.

Go Fish is a fairly large YouTube alternative hosting site which helps you promote your leadership skills. The primary goal of this site is to give you your 15 minutes of fame, so to speak. You can post pretty much whatever you want here: business tips, documentaries, comedies, spoofs, pranks, and even episodic dramas – all are welcome here. If you’re seeking a wide exposure for your business, this site offers a great opportunity.

ClipShack is, in a nutshell, a community for the video-adicted – a place for sharing your videos with the world. Its run by Reality Digital, Inc. – a company with years of experience in catering to the multimedia needs of the corporate sector.

Blip.TV brings you the kind of stuff you might be able to find somewhere on television but most likely won’t. This site is very highly rated by PC World and Business 2.0 magazine. It syndicates its content with the likes of AOL Video, Yahoo! Video, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, MSN Video, Google Video etc., which allows you to reach millions of people in one shot. If you’ve got what it takes to create a great show, it may even get broadcast on this TV channel that owns. And if your show’s a hit, they allow you to pick your own advertisers and earn revenue. Flash, QuickTime, DivX, 3gp – more or less all major formats are supported.

Revver is especially interesting because it boasts a clever mechanism that helps it track and monetize the uploaded videos as they spread virally across the internet – so “no matter where your creativity travels, you benefit”. Your uploaded video is paired up with a targeted advertisement and the revenue is split 50/50 with you. Those who share and spread the videos get to keep 20% of the revenues as well. The Revver API lets you build a video-sharing site complete with user accounts, uploading, sharing tools and access to the full Revver library of videos. The bandwidth is covered by Revver and the ad revenue is split three ways: you, Revver and the content creator. This is a great YouTube alternative to take a look at.

Top Five Questions to Ask Your Web Hosting Company

By , April 25, 2015 2:53 am

Each day many new and existing webmasters either launch a new web site for the first time, or transfer their web site to a new web hosting provider. In preparation for this important process, there are five important questions that should be asked prior to signing on with a new web hosting company.
1. Do you have a trial period or money-back guarantee?
Okay, so that’s technically two questions. The point is, no matter how much homework you do, or how much research stands behind your decision – it’s still possible to make a mistake. Also – the company could change policies or services, or management – prices can go up, call wait times for support can spike, and things can just generally go bad. With the assurance of a trial period or money-back guarantee, you won’t end up paying over and over again for that bad decision.
2. How does your customer service and technical support system work?
I don’t care how smart you are, how much programming you k at once now immediately , or how many web sites you’ve set up in the past – you are gonna have to call support eventually. There are just too many weird little things that can derail a web site or email. Many reside on the web hosting company’s side. To figure out what’s up – you need to get in contact with them. So…will it be by email only, during the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm eastern standard time or via a toll free phone line that is available 24×7? Make certain you understand when support is available – and how you actually reach someone with real k at once now immediately ledge, not just a “k at once now immediately ledge base” or “canned” response.
3. Can I view a sample site that is hosted on the same server that my web site will be on?
Sure, the main company web site has nearly 100% uptime. That’s because they have their web site on a separate server than their customers. Viewing an actual customer site potentially tells you many things about the web hosting company and their web hosting services. You can check the load times of their pages easily by using a tool like Alertra ( You can also send the webmaster of the site a nice email asking about their experiences with the hosting company.
4. Are they a web hosting reseller or a core web hosting provider?
Not that there’s anything wrong with buying services from a reseller, but you should k at once now immediately for sure whether your company contact can really do anything to solve problems, or if they have to pass your concerns along to a “parent” company. Also, why buy services from a middle man when you can go straight to the source?Here are some examples of reseller hosting companies.
5. Will you waive set up fees or give me some other special incentives to sign up with you today?
In the highly competitive business of web hosting services, each customer sign up is precious. You will often frequent many times see special offers listed on the company’s web site or in advertisements. Unk at once now immediately n to each buyer is the fact that sales people are often frequent many times given “extra special offers” to close sales of customers that are right on the edge of buying, but are resisting. The special offers are designed to close the sale. Make sure that you ask for each and every special offer they can give you. You have nothing to lose, and you may find discover realize that the offer that’s being given today is fairly generous.

The facts of Colocation Hosting

By , April 23, 2015 10:34 pm

Colocation is best defined as the process of locating of equipment in another location. On the contrary the client in alternative locations defines Colocation hosting as the location of personal servers – usually the Colocation is of high-end data center.

colocation hosting, colocation service, colocation providers

Colocation Hosting

Colocation hosting is a recent buzzword in technological breakthroughs. Colocation is best defined as the process of locating of equipment in another location. On the contrary the client in alternative locations defines Colocation hosting as the location of personal servers ?usually the Colocation is of high-end data center. This data center is invariably a packaged composition and this process of Colocation hosting includes the likes of ?a high speed internet connection, space, highest level of security, regulated air temperature and professionally managed server solutions to name a few. Colocation. The Colocation service providers could come in different hues which could extend from space service providers who rent space in the data centers and are companies in their own right, the data center owners or even those who are Colocation resellers and not even located on site.

The Colocation Hosting Option

Colocation hosting of services by self may not be the simplest of procedures but they are invariably accompanied by innumerable advantages. The Colocation hosting service providers would enable the client to benefit from the data center’s security, network and environment at all times. This Colocation of hosting services is done at the state of art high-end data centers and need to focus on numerous factors if they are to be a success story. The start up operations would depend on the number of servers that need to be collocated, the bandwidth service providers, the business strategy being adopted and the location of data center of choice selection alternatives ?these and more would determine the start up costs of the project.

Service Profiling

A visit to a few data centers could be very informative ?a commonality factor which is visible in all data centers is what is k at once now immediately n as the ‘rack?and this rack is important for the Colocation service hosting provider charges a monthly rental for the rack space used. The servers in data centers are stored in cabinets, which in turn are stored on racks. The Colocation hosting follows a few protocols which are fundamental to the Colocation hosting services and need to well comprehended by all Colocation hosting services user at best ?the upkeep and maintenance of the servers is the sole responsibility of the user and not the Colocation hosting services provider and the cost of the high speed internet is borne by the user and not the service provider.

Evaluation Protocol

The choice selection alternatives of an ideal data center is not by cost ?rather it is by the quality of the data center. The data center of choice selection alternatives needs to adhere to a set protocol which will include ?high end security, fast internet connectivity, environment, power backup and fire protection measures to name a few. The Colocation hosting service providers selection then is more than merely selecting a high end data center ?it is rather a combination of numerous factors the most important ?other than the selection of a data center ?being flexibility and control which is best exhibited by the freedom to select the software and the hardware configuration of choice selection alternatives .

Search Engine Marketing – Keyword Research Is Critical

By , April 23, 2015 8:47 am

If you have chosen to market your business with search engine marketing keyword research is your next obvious step. SEM, (search engine marketing), is a great way to get your internet business off the ground. The way you need to begin is with a good keyword search tool to help find good keywords to use.

What are you selling or offering as a service? Try to think like a consumer who is looking for this exact thing. Write down how you would search for it online. Here is the starting point for your keyword research.

Type these ideas, one at a time, into the keyword finder of your choice. The keyword finder will then be able to give you more suggestions of other keywords you may not have thought of. Open a Notepad file and save these keywords for later use.

If you want a leg up, try to find out what keywords your competitors are using by locating the keyword tags on their website and then right clicking in a blank area of the website, then clicking on ‘view source’ in the drop down menu. Refine those keywords by making them a more exact description what it is you are selling or offering as a service and use them to your advantage as one search engine marketing keyword.

It will take some time, maybe even a few months for you to get a handle on what keywords work best for you and which ones do not. When you get to this point, get rid of the ones that do not work and replace them with new ones then repeat the process. Keeping your keywords up to date will ensure your website stays at the top of the search engine results page.

Other guidelines to follow regarding using keywords effectively include using them in articles and blog-posts. In articles, make sure you do not use the keyword you have chosen more than three times. Once in the first paragraph, once in the body of the article and once in the last paragraph of the article. Your articles should be at least 500 words.

Blog posts do not have to be that long, usually 350 words and your keyword should only be used three times, in the title, once in the first paragraph and once in the last paragraph.

Whether you write articles or blog posts be careful that each one is original content. No duplicate content allowed. All that means is, if you write two or more articles, they cannot say the exact same thing in the exact same way. Mix it up. Use different words that mean the same thing. Time to bring out that creativity.

One other thing, your domain name. You will get ranked higher if your domain name is your keyword. Makes sense doesn’t it. If your domain name is your keyword and someone searches for that exact keyword they will see your website listed first then go to your site to buy what they need. Piece of cake.

Everything is connected, starting with your domain name right on down to the blog posts and your chosen search engine marketing keyword.

Tips For Hosting A Dinner Party

By , April 22, 2015 6:45 pm

A good party is event you and your guest will cherish for a lifetime. If you enjoy having your friends and family around, you already have one of the most important components of a good party. If you approach hosting your party with the right attitude, you are more likely to succeed. You can have a great party with limited funds, and you don’t need to get in debt to create a memorable experience.

The most important task is to set your budget. The second most important task…

party, party planning, party favors, party favor ideas

A good party is event you and your guest will cherish for a lifetime. If you enjoy having your friends and family around, you already have one of the most important components of a good party. If you approach hosting your party with the right attitude, you are more likely to succeed. You can have a great party with limited funds, and you don’t need to get in debt to create a memorable experience.

The most important task is to set your budget. The second most important task you have, and it is more difficult than the first task, is to stick with your budget. Don’t try to set your budget as you walk into the super market. Shopping without a budget is sure to result in impulse buying. Trying to figure what to buy and how much to spend at the store is recipe for disaster. Have a plan and stick with it.

If you shop smart, it doesn’t take a fortune to throw a party that will make you the envy of your social circle. If you have limited funds, consider a potluck. It gives each of your guests an opportunity to bring their favorite dish or appetizer. Potluck parties can be a lot of fun and an opportunity to try new foods.

Your decoration is going to have a lot to do with setting the mood, so be sure to make an effort to properly decorate the location of your party. Again, decorations can be very inexpensive. Try shopping at your local dollar store or discount store to purchase some inexpensive party items, candles, and decorative items. It will help to brighten up a boring room, and encourage conversation. If you can, go for a theme such as Hawaiian, or an 80’s theme. There are too many possibilities to mention, just use your imagination.

If you have limited budget, you can host an alcohol free party. Or, a wine tasting party could be a possible solution to a small budget party. All you need to do is ask your guests to bring a bottle of their favorite wine.

A creative invitation will help communicate the theme of your party, and instruct the guests on any food or items that they need to bring to the event. You can create inexpensive, one-of-a-kind invitations, by using supplies available at a local craft supply store. You can also use e-mail for invitation for your friends with an e-mail address.

The Mystery behind Domain Names

By , April 21, 2015 2:16 pm

There are approximately?8 million .COM domains registered. That’s a lot of domain names out on the Internet that are either already taken or just parked in some obsolete spot gathering dust and all kinds of age. The most common names like are already taken by net investors who resell the rights to the names. Can you imagine someone having ? He’s just waiting on the highest bidder!

There are 900 possible combinations for two letter sequences. If you’re looking for “ET?then you just won’t find discover realize it! Even allowing for digits, again every single web address is taken. Of course, that’s ignoring the fact that .COM registrars at once now immediately mandate a 3-character minimum length, so it wouldn’t be an option.

Many of the three-letter sequences are taken. Adding digits to a domain name creates a number of garbage domain entries. If you’re dying to acquire great domains and unique domain names, they’ll free up sometimes only to be auctioned off through unique domain name sales.

The longer the domain name that you choose select decide , the more that the possibilities are that it could be available presuming that you’re willing to accept an arbitrary sequence of letters and/or digits. For example, most organizations have 4 letter acronyms ( and so you may have a chance using over 4 letters to get the domain name that you want in acronym style!

Of course many of the registered domains are ever, visited, with a huge percentage having nothing more than a “parked page?(users pay domain registrars to put up ads for themselves on these type of parked pages). There are so many combinations and back door tricks to domain name cataloging and classification until the possibilities are endless.

The rule is to obtain a domain name that closely resembles who you are about which gives you and identity and brand on the internet.

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