Internet Marketing Site – Helpful Tips

By , November 29, 2014 11:54 pm

It doesn’t matter if your business is online or off, no matter what type of business you have you will need one thing to make it a success: customers. When talking about an online business those customers are your website visitors, or traffic. To get a steady stream of qualified traffic to your internet marketing site you’ll want to use several different methods to get traffic, some of these methods are free to use and some will take time but the more weapons you have in your marketing arsenal, the more success you will have with your business.

Here is a short breakdown of some of the most common methods as well as the pros and cons of each kind:

1. Article Marketing. This is one of the best ways for someone to get started because it’s totally free to do but it’s very effective. With this method all you do is write an informative article centered around your product or service than submit that article to an article directory online. When writing your article you will use one keyword phrase (pick a phrase that gets at least 1,500 searches a month but that has less than 10,000 competitors) and use that phrase 3 – 5 times throughout the article. Your article should be between 250 – 500 words in length.

The one downside to this method is that it does take time and you will need a lot of articles. One or two won’t do it, think more like 50 or more. You can always find someone else to write the articles for you if the idea of writing that many articles gives you hives.

2. Email marketing. To do this you will need to get an auto-responder. This is a service that will allow visitors to sign up to your newsletter list, they are giving you permission to email them so you aren’t spamming them. You can send them helpful information over a period of time and build a relationship with them.

Then, on occasion, you can send them an email recommending that they buy a certain product or service (a product or service that you’re an affiliate for so when they buy you will receive a commission). As long as most of the emails you send them actually provide them with some quality information and they aren’t all sales pitches, this method works exceptionally well. The only downside is that it does take time to build a list and you already need a steady stream of traffic to your website, this method doesn’t really build your traffic.

3. Search Engine Optimization. This is simply a way to add some keywords to certain areas of your website to make them more ‘search engine friendly’. Again, it relies on you picking out the keywords that people will search for when looking for your product or service. Then you incorporate those keywords in certain parts of your website. It’s not really that hard, but it is something you will need to learn how to do, or hire someone to do it for you. This method works great and it’s free (unless you hire someone) but again, it does tend to take a little time to see the results.

For anyone who is just starting out I highly recommend you stay away from using paid methods such as Pay Per Click (PPC). PPC tends to have a very steep learning curve and you will have to pay as you learn which means a lot of money going out and very little, or none, coming back in. If you want to use PPC wait until the other methods are making money for you than reinvest some of those profits into a PPC campaign.

Getting traffic to your internet marketing site is job one for most internet business owners, use one or more of the tips I’ve given you and you can get a lot of great, quality traffic to your website for free which will really expand your profit margin!

Find Internet Marketing

By , November 28, 2014 2:04 am

Technology being as it is, business people all over the world find internet marketing to be very beneficial to their bottom line. If it is done correctly and all the rules and regulations are followed marketing on the internet can help you become quite the success story.

Becoming that success starts with a website that is user friendly that uses keywords and has quality content that the search engines like. If the search engines like you then you will be placed high in their rankings. If you rank high enough, anyone who searches for your product will see you on the first page of the results that come up. This seems to garner some respect and will get you more customers. Some find internet marketing to be the best thing that ever happened to their business.

How do you start? Keyword research, that’s how. This is where you start to position yourself to rank high on the search engines. The key is to strategically use your keywords throughout your site, just be careful not to use them too vigorously or you will get accused of keyword stuffing or keyword spamming and the search engines will bust you down in the ranks or kick you off all together.

Keywords should be connected to whatever it is you are offering. Try to think about someone who is searching for your product and use keywords that you think they would use. If you can’t seem to find one that works, here’s a hint, go to the search engine and start typing in the name of your product. The search engine will automatically self-populate with things that are close to the words you are using. Just keep a list handy.

When your list is made check out each keyword in a keyword tool. this process can help you get deeper into the niche you are working in. Some keyword tools will help you out by giving suggestions of keywords you can use based on one of your main keywords. These keyword tools will also show you how popular their own suggestions are.

Other keyword search tools will let you enter the name of your’s or someone else’s website and then scan the site for suggestions based on the words used on those sites. This can give you quite the insight into what your competitors are up to and may even give you a leg up.

Once you figure out what your competitors are doing you might want to think about staying one step ahead of them by embedding a video into your site outlining exactly what it is you have to offer your customers. Trust gets built up more quickly when they can see your face and hear your voice. If you sound knowledgeable then people will respect you and think your product is superior.

I think I mentioned, you need to provide quality content on your site. Keeping the content you post up-to-date and original and relevant to your product or service is paramount. The search engines will love you if you do this consistently. try to give out information that no one else can or does. This will single you out and you will also find internet marketing has made your site very popular.

Get Business loans to be a successful entrepreneur!

By , November 27, 2014 1:04 am

6 Steps to climb before reaching the heights!

With a tough economy, it is quite a challenge to get approved for business loans. The suggestions here might help you while you are about to apply for business loan.

  1. Preparing the business plan is the first step in the process. Apart from making a crucial framework for the company, a good plan will increase the chances of loan approval. The market strategies, management structure, the competition and the scope in the market, and the revenue models are the important factors to be included in the plan. Since the credit score is the indication of your financial behavior, the lenders are very specific about reviewing your credit report before considering your loan application.
  2. Convince the lenders of your reliability

You can present your financial documents to convince the lenders of your reliability. You are expected to be precise in your plan. Your request for funds will not be entertained unless you mention your requirements in detail. Your plan regarding the repayment should convince the lenders. If possible you can also try to demonstrate the scope and the market for your products or services by conducting a survey. The value of your services or products should be explained in detail to stress the need for funds. The success story behind your business, and your plan for the growth of the business should be clearly explained in your proposal.

  1. Analyze the different offers of loans

Your individual potential will help the lenders understand your capacity and reliability. There are various types of business loans and understanding of the functioning of the loan helps you choose the perfect offer for your requirements at Asset based loans or secured loans are suitable for huge purchases such as infrastructure and equipments or real estate required for the business. These loans are offered against the value of the assets that you set as security for the loan.

  1. Compare the offers from different lenders

Revolving loans function like lines of credit. Starting with a limit according to your affordability, you can draw within the limit. These are the short term loans and the period of the loan is around 12 months. Standard business loan which is mostly preferred is the ‘term loans’ which have fixed terms of around 3 years. The entire loan amount is disbursed and the repayments cover both the principal and the interest. Even if your loan application is approved, you cannot consider that your task is completed. You can discuss the same with some other lenders and they might be eager to lend with better rates and more flexible repaying options.

  1. Approval from a lender is enough to impress other lenders

Approval from a bank makes you appear a potential customer in the eyes of other lenders. You can make use of the opportunity. However, it is suggested that you stick on to your banks with which you have been maintaining a good relationship instead of shifting from one lender to another. Your good track record makes it possible to get loans easily in future. When you apply for a line of credit, you need to make payments monthly based on how much you spend. The process of application for the line of credit from bank is just like the process of any other loan application. The interest rate is generally higher for a line of credit.

  1. Choose as per your requirements and affordability

Although you might be approved for loan by the first lender you approach, it is recommended that you shop around to get one of the best offers. The Small Business Administration is one of the best sources of funds for business growth. You are offered various types of loans for your small businesses. You can get guided regarding which bank can be approached to get loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration. However, you need to wait patiently as the process with SBA is quite lengthy and strenuous. Besides these offers, you can get loans from friends of family members or you can raise funds through peer to peer lending. Depending on your requirements and affordability, you should make a decision and choose the offer that is ideal for your situation.


Adwords Course-Advice To Obtain More Traffic To Your Site

By , November 26, 2014 5:52 am

Many people with an online presence, whether it is an online business or a website to provide more exposure for your offline business, would like to take an adwords course to learn how to use it to maximize their online exposure.

You see, an adwords course can help you get more traffic to your website by utilizing this Pay Per Click model.

If you aren’t sure what Pay Per Click, or PPC, is all about, here is a brief overview:

1. PPC is an advertising model that will drive targeted traffic to your website, or whatever site you want to.

2. You will only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad and not just when they see your ad, hence the term ‘pay per click’.

3. The total amount you will pay for each click will depend on the keywords you target as well as other factors such as your quality score.

So, two people bidding on the same keyword may not actually pay the same amount.

If one person has a high quality score and one has a mediocre or low quality score, the person with the lower score will pay more.

4. There are many factors that go into making up your quality score. One of them is the click through rate, CTR. This shows the percentage of people who see your ad and actually click on it.

The higher your CTR, the more people who click on it, the higher quality your ad is considered to be by Google.

If Google thinks your ad is high enough quality they will reward you with a higher quality score.

As you can see, this advertising model is complicated so going through the certification course is a great way to increase your knowledge and the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns.

You can even market your PPC skills if you receive the Adwords certification and make money that way.

So, what do you have to do to to gain this coveted certification? Well, you have to be willing to put in some time and effort, but other than that, it won’t cost you a thing.

You see, Google provides all of this at no charge. It is all contained right online and you can work at your own pace.

Once you register, did I mention it was free?, all you have to do is study everything in the learning center.

There are several sections of the course and most people recommend that you start with the Fundamentals section first.

This is a prerequisite and will help you transition into the more advanced techniques in the course.

After you get through this section you will then have three other selections to get through.

In order to receive your certification you must pass a total of two exams. One of the two must be the Fundamentals exam.

Once you pass the Fundamentals you can choose from other selections.

Here are the other selections you can choose from:

1. Search Advertising Advanced Exam
2. Display Advertising Advanced Exam
3. Reporting And Analysis Advanced Exam

So, you can go through this adwords course for free online and become a certified expert. You can then use that expertise to get better results from your own campaigns or to become a consultant to help others. A great deal.

Video Marketing Tips – 5 Tips For Video Marketing

By , November 24, 2014 8:31 am

With video becoming the wave of the future when it comes to online advertising, it only makes sense that you fully familiarize yourself with the concepts and all the ins and outs. Start by using these video marketing tips. It will help you get started and even perfect your technique if you already have a little experience.

There are a few different ways you can do your online videos. You can actually record yourself with a video camera while you show how to do a certain task. This is very effective when it comes to illustrating activities that aren’t done on the computer such as training a dog, planting a seed, etc.

For those videos that are explaining how to do something online, you can use screen capture software that will actually record everything that is on your computer screen and turn it into a video. This method is best for many types of internet marketing tutorial videos.

Depending on which type of videos will work best for your niche and your online business, you may need different tools. This list will give you an overview of some of the most commonly used products that you can incorporate into your video marketing:

1. If you are going to be showing how to do a certain activity, offline, than you will need a good quality video camera. Now, don’t think that you have to have a thousand dollar camera. You can get great quality video from a camera that’s only a few hundred dollars. Just remember that if you’re going to be recording things outside or if you’re going to be recording yourself, you’ll probably also want a sturdy tripod to support your camera while you’re filming.

2. Screen capture software such as Camtasia. There are many varieties available online, some are even free. For the most part you won’t need a lot of bells and whistles, just good quality that will allow your viewers to follow along with what you’re doing online.

3. Make sure you have a good quality microphone. If they can’t hear or understand what you’re saying they will stop watching. Again, a good microphone doesn’t have to be expensive, just look around online and you can find just what you’re looking for. Make sure that you take your location into consideration when picking out your microphone. For example, if you’re going to be recording outside where there is a lot of traffic or other noises, you want a microphone that can handle that ambient noise and where you can still be heard.

4. Create a script for your video. As someone who spends a lot of time online I can tell you that I will stop watching any video that is poorly made. It doesn’t matter if it’s poor video or audio quality or just poorly outlined. My time is too valuable to sit through someone trying to stammer their way through a video. Know what you’re going to say, make and follow a script and if you mess up, try again. If you want them to keep watching your video, you better make sure that it’s worth watching.

5. When you submit your video to video directories make sure you optimize it using your niche related keywords. You’ll want to include 3-5 good targeted keywords in your title, your description and your tags. Also make sure to include the URL of your website so they can check out more about what you’re promoting.

These basic video marketing tips will help you get started and succeed with your online marketing efforts much more quickly than if you relied solely on the trial and error method.

Articles On Internet Marketing

By , November 22, 2014 11:04 am

There are many writers out there who have become quite proficient at making money in the internet by writing articles on internet marketing, among other subjects. With the growing number of internet marketers these writers have quite the audience for their work.

Writing articles on internet marketing may not be the only niche they write articles for, however. Being knowledgeable in many subjects can give these writers a broader variety of things to write about. If they have marketed themselves correctly the money they make can be quite significant.

Anyone can do this, all you need is a computer and the ability to string a sentence together. You can write original articles and submit them to article directories and get paid. You have to apply to these sites and may or may not get turned down. If you should happen to get turned down then just keep plugging away until you find someone to “hire” you.

Some writers search for batches of inexpensive private label rights articles and rewrite them before submitting them. These PLR articles may not be the best quality but anything can be improved upon by the rewriting. These PLR articles are used due to the fact that even though the quality is mediocre, they still have helped draw in traffic.

The best thing to do is to find a directory that not only pays you for your original article but one that also offers ongoing residuals for every time your article gets read. The residual may not be earth-shattering but if you have a bunch of articles that regularly get read then your commission may be worth the trouble.

Some positive aspects to writing articles and selling them on the internet is that you get to supplement your monthly income. In this rough economy who can’t use a few extra bucks? Another upside is that you can build up your cache of original content and increase your reputation for writing and possibly attract some higher paying customers. Lastly, just think of the knowledge you are gaining by having to research some of the topics you write about. You are, or will soon be, a fountain of useless information.

Seller beware! There are unscrupulous people out there who will hire you to write for them and never pay you. It would be best if you asked for payment up front, that way you will not get scammed. You should be the one setting the price for your writing.

If you are writing articles on internet marketing that is quality content for someone and they do not want to pay your price, as long as it is reasonable to begin with, then cut your losses and find someone else to work with.

You also may want to think about copyrighting your best articles so someone does not come along and plagiarize you. You will want to have some type of legal recourse if this happens. Keep what is yours, yours. Never let anyone step in and steal your thunder.

Social Media Marketing Video – Keep It Super Simple

By , November 20, 2014 2:37 pm

There is always something new online, today we have Facebook and Twitter and many savvy marketers are using both to drive a ton of very qualified traffic to their website. To really amp up the results you can also do social media marketing video. You can use this method to promote pretty much any type of product you can think of online.

The one underlying thing to keep in mind whenever you use video to market a product or service is that the quality of the video will go a long way in determining what kind of results you get. A poorly made, hard to see or hear video won’t do much to make you look like a knowledgeable expert in your niche. No one expects Academy Award caliber videos, but they must be well laid out and visually appealing.

For most marketing videos the K.I.S.S. acronym works extremely well: Keep It Simple Stupid. Don’t go over the top with flashy graphics or loud music. It’s much better to just deliver a quality video that will help your target audience handle some problem or issue in the shortest amount of time possible. That’s really all they want, someone who can show them how to do the one thing they desperately want to know how to do.

It could be to potty train their Pitbull, start seedlings, or just learn how to make big bucks online. Whatever it is, if you can show them in easy to follow steps, on video, how they can do it, they’ll be your friend forever.

Don’t go hog wild and invest thousands in high tech gear to record your videos. Instead a few hundred dollars, some screen capture software and/ or a video camera, a tripod (optional) and a decent microphone is really all you need.

Once you’ve assembled the tools you need to come up with a compelling video. Again, pinpoint the one issue the people in your niche face and then teach them a way to overcome that issue.

Don’t get tongue tied or stammer throughout the video either. Make an outline of the major points you want to cover so you don’t get distracted and jump from one point to another. Don’t talk too fast or too slow. You have to make sure that you’re viewers can not only understand you but hopefully that they’ll come to trust and like you too.

That’s the huge benefit on using video online, it greatly increases the personalization of the otherwise impersonal internet. It allows you to connect with people on a much deeper level and if you use that properly, it can make a huge difference in your business.

Being able to allow your visitors to hear your voice and see your face while you give them help with a problem they’re having is taking social media marketing video to a whole new level. Remember, it takes an average of 7 contacts with people before they feel comfortable enough with you to make a purchase, by allowing people to really get to ‘know’ you through video, you can get the most out of those 7 contacts and maybe even speed up the process.

How To Prepare Your Website For International Internet Marketing

By , November 18, 2014 5:59 pm

Are you ready for international internet marketing and harnessing the power of the web to present yourself and your products to new sets of customers all over the world? There’re definitely reasons for making your presence known in specific local markets and the internet is an unmatchable tool for delivering information to new groups of customers, wherever they may be.

According to Export America, a customer is twice as likely to stay at a web site, and four times as likely to purchase something, if the site is in his or her native language. Forrester Research states that businesses that present Web sites only in English lose up to $10 million in potential sales per year.But marketing and networking in an area outside of your own can be surprisingly different and possibly difficult. You’re dealing with different general and business customs, currencies and languages, among other things.

There are many elements to consider when planning an international internet marketing strategy. First, you need to prepare your content for your new audiences. While you should maintain a consistent brand, the information about your company should be presented in a light which fits the markets you are targeting.

Don’t have the information on your English-written site directly translated into the languages of the countries you are aiming at. Your best bet is to hire someone in that area who can turn the English into a well-translated local text. You’ll also need to do a great deal of research to determine how the new target culture likes to see information presented to them. Be careful to avoid idioms, humor, and ethnic references that are difficult to translate and/or may not be relevant to other cultures.

How your new users will navigate your site is another important consideration. You can establish the navigation with country specific URLs, a link from the homepage, or a gateway page which allows the user to select their language preferences from the home page one time in order to go to their specific localized page every time they access the site in the future. Make sure that your site can handle the input, storage, retrieval, sorting, and display of different character sets, in addition to the time/date/currency formats. You’ll also definitely want to optimize your site for search engine visibility in the localized market(s) that you are targeting.

As with whatever current market you are in, the content of your website is key in your new markets as well so you’ll need to spend enough time examining your content in order to present the proper image for the market. The impact of culture on your results is huge and the above tips just barely graze the surfact of what is necessary.

I recommend that you gain the expertise of a website designer and a global localization professional to manage the amount of variables that should be taken into consideration. Working together with them, you can pick out and analyze the issues that will impact how successful your international internet marketing site will be.

Benefit From Internet Marketing Advertising Tips

By , November 16, 2014 8:39 pm

A method of promotion that used to be the hot new thing in marketing is internet marketing advertising through banner ads. Banner ads haven’t gone away, of course. You still see them every time you’re online. Unless you’re luckily using software that blocks them.

But I’ll bet if you stop and think of all the banner ads you saw during the short period of time when you were online recently, all of those companies advertising in those banner ads are huge companies with vast advertising budgets. Few small business owners could afford the banner ad rates for something like the spot at the top of your mailbox when you check your Yahoo! Mail.

Internet marketing advertising with pay-per-click programs has also changed the face of online promotion. Now, a business owner can have a small ad displayed through a vast program of providing ads on various websites, and be charged a certain fee each time a consumer clicks on the link. It’s essentially paying for traffic, and the traffic is targeted in that the ad should only show on a relevant website.

If a website is all about guitars, for instance, and the website owner is in a pay-per-click program, each time someone clicks on one of the guitar-related advertisements displayed, it earns him revenue. And costs the business owner.

Another thing that’s changed the internet marketing advertising landscape recently is SEO, or search engine optimization. Websites used to stuff themselves full of keywords to get hits for a variety of different searches, whether or not the content was really on their website. Now, keyword “stuffing” as it’s called can actually get a site blackballed from a search. This keeps web searchers from entering keywords like “apple pie recipe” and getting search engine listings with an adult site at position #3 and a website full of stolen software activation codes at #5.

Now during internet marketing advertising, websites have to use keywords correctly to show their content is expert content and not just a list of random keywords most commonly searched that day. The growing sophistication of the search engines makes “cheating” to get the most hits a foolish thing to do since the engine can actually block your site from coming up in the results. Proper search engine optimization and keyword use can put your site in the top few results, though, and get you more valuable traffic.

When you get that traffic, you have to convert browsers to buyers, and the best way to do that is to make sure they see your product or service several times. One of the best methods of internet marketing advertising is by advertising to people who have given you permission to send them emails through an opt-in list.

Visitors to your website will be enticed to sign up for your mailing list by you offering something valuable to them for free for doing so. Then you have their permission do some of your most effective internet marketing advertising–sending them very targeted ads.

Frankly, these are just a few of the internet marketing advertising tips which will help you get your business site to the top of the Search Engines. You should perform further research to learn all you can about effective internet marketing advertising.

Domain For Sale – Get It Right Tips

By , November 14, 2014 11:11 pm

When you are looking for a domain for sale you have two choices: you can come up with your own domain name and buy it or you can find an existing domain name and buy it from the owner or at a domain auction site.

Both options have their pros and cons and I’ll give you a little bit of information on each option so you can choose the one that is best for you and your business.

Buying a brand new domain name, one that you’ve made up and one that has never been registered before (or at least isn’t currently registered by anyone) is usually your cheapest option. You can get a new domain name for around $10 a year, but there are some specific steps you want to follow to get a good domain name.

For one thing, if you’re buying a domain name for an online business, just using your name probably isn’t a great idea, unless you are famous and a lot of people would recognize your name and search for it online.

It’s important to have a basic understanding of the way search engines work. When someone looks for something online they go to a search engine (such as Bing, Yahoo, Google, etc.) and type in words related to the product or service they are looking for (keywords).

The more searches a certain keyword gets, the more traffic that a website with that domain name can get… for free. This is called organic traffic.

When you are trying to find a good domain name for your niche website you need to find out what keywords get a lot of searches a month for that niche. Once you’ve got a list of keywords you can head over to places like or, etc.

You should have several options since most of the really highly searched terms will already be taken. Some people say that you should only get a .com extension. I personally have used .net as well as a .com and have had good results with both.

Some people also say that your domain should just be the keyword with no other words, for example, rather than (assuming that ‘golf balls’ is the keyword). To be honest, I’ve done it both ways and I’ve found that as long as the keyword is intact and the extra words are added at the beginning or the end, it doesn’t matter.

If you want to buy an existing domain name the same rules would apply unless the domain you want to purchase already has a lot of targeted traffic every month. At the end of the day, that’s what you want so if the domain name you are trying to buy already has a built in customer base, and if you can afford it, I say go for it!

I hope these tips have made your search for a domain for sale a little more clear. Take a little time and figure out your strategy before hand and if you want an existing domain just go to a domain auction site (many of the places that sell domain names, like the ones listed above, also have auctions) and buy your domain name.

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